As a Victory Housing Trust leaseholder you belong to a small yet important group. The lease of your property sets out rights and responsibilities we both have as landlord and leaseholder. The lease is the formal contract between you and Victory Housing Trust, setting out the rights and obligations of both parties.


Leaseholder Repairs 

If you are a leaseholder of a property, you are responsible for all repairs inside your property. Victory Housing Trust as landlord is responsible for carrying out repairs and maintenance to the communal areas, the outside areas and the structure and services of the building. The cost of these repairs is recharged to all the properties within the building.

 If you are a shared owner of a house, the lease for your property is a full repairing lease. This means you are responsible for repairs and maintenance to the structure and the inside and outside of your home.

The exact responsibilities for repairs may vary according to the type of home in which you live and the contents of your lease.

Your rent and service charges explained

For further infomation regarding your rent and service charges, please click the PDF below.

Rent and Service Charges - Leaseholders 2017.pdf 267KB

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