Tender Opportunities

Victory Housing Trust’s procurement activities are bound by both its own Financial Regulations and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR) to ensure equal treatment in tendering for new contracts. Tender opportunities above PCR threshold are advertised on the Crown Commercial Service UK Government Contracts Finder website www.gov.uk/contracts-finder.

Tender – New Build Affordable Housing

The attached documents set out Victory Housing Trust’s requirements in respect of six number new build housing units located on four sites for prospective tenderers.

The closing date for receipt of tenders is 12.00 midday Thursday 23rd November 2017.

Certificate of non collusion.pdf [pdf] 62KB

CSA Pro-Forma.xls [xls] 88KB

Employers Suitability Requirements.pdf [pdf] 130KB

Form of Tender.pdf [pdf] 96KB

Invitation to Tender Letter - 12th October 2017.pdf [pdf] 396KB

Employers Requirements - October 2017.pdf [pdf] 9MB

Victory Design and Construction Brief - Sept 2017.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Lancaster Close

AWA Clean Water Plan LC.pdf [pdf] 128KB

Highways Plan LC.pdf [pdf] 76KB

Highways Plan LC.pdf [pdf] 76KB

AWA Water Foul Water LC.pdf [pdf] 153KB

9550-1000E.pdf [pdf] 1MB

171153_SK2.pdf [pdf] 2MB

National Grid 16.10.14 LC.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Lancaster Close Drainage Survey.pdf [pdf] 742KB

PF_15_0646-Decision_Notice.pdf [pdf] 164KB

PCI - Fakenham, Lancaster Close Oct17.pdf [pdf] 919KB

Topographical Survey LC.pdf [pdf] 94KB

Lancaster Close SI.pdf [pdf] 7MB

UKPN Plan 2 16.10.12 LC.pdf [pdf] 22KB

UKPN Plan 4 16.10.12 LC.pdf [pdf] 60KB

UKPN Plan 3 16.10.12 LC.pdf [pdf] 104KB

UKPN Plan 1 16.10.12 LC.pdf [pdf] 2MB

  BT Plan 16.10.12 LC.pdf [pdf] 382KB

Lancaster Avenue

9570-1000A.pdf [pdf] 531KB

AWA Clean Water Plan LA.pdf [pdf] 132KB

AWA Foul Water Plan LA.pdf [pdf] 156KB

BT Plan 12.10.12 LA.pdf [pdf] 379KB

171153_SK4.pdf [pdf] 2MB

9570-5000.pdf [pdf] 556KB

Drainage Survey LA.pdf [pdf] 619KB

Highways Plan LA.pdf [pdf] 269KB

PF161084 Decision_Notice.pdf [pdf] 204KB

National Grd 16.10.2014 LA.pdf [pdf] 979KB

PCI - Fakenham, Land off Lancaster Avenue Oct17.pdf [pdf] 920KB

UKPN Plan 1 12.10.16 LA.pdf [pdf] 41KB

Topographical Survey LA.pdf [pdf] 96KB

UKPN Plan 2 16.10.12 LA.pdf [pdf] 97KB

UKPN Plan 3 16.10.12 LA.pdf [pdf] 91KB

Geo-Env Report LA.pdf [pdf] 7MB

UKPN Plan 4 16.10.12 LA.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Jubilee Avenue

10350-1000B Dvlpmt Plan.pdf [pdf] 919KB

AWA Clean Water Plan JA.pdf [pdf] 145KB

AWA Foul Water Plan JA.pdf [pdf] 173KB

BT Plan 16.10.12 JA.pdf [pdf] 396KB

171153_SK1.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Arbo Assessment JA.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Outline Planning PO-15-1036.pdf [pdf] 176KB

Jubilee Avenue - Drainage Survey.pdf [pdf] 479KB

National Grid 16.10.14 JA.pdf [pdf] 1MB

PCI - Fakenham, Jubilee Avenue Oct17.pdf [pdf] 1018KB

PM_16_1188-Decision_Notice-293360.pdf [pdf] 3MB

UKPN Plan 2 16.10.12 JA.pdf [pdf] 104KB

UKPN Plan 1 16.10.12 JA.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Geo-Env Report JA.pdf [pdf] 7MB

Topographical Survey JA.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Greenway Close

9530-1000H.pdf [pdf] 2MB

AWA Foul Water Plan GC.pdf [pdf] 158KB

AWA Clean Water Plan GC.pdf [pdf] 141KB

BT Plan 16.10.12 GC.pdf [pdf] 400KB

Arbo Assessment GC.pdf [pdf] 1MB

171153_SK3.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Formal Highways GC.pdf [pdf] 381KB

Topographical Survey GC.pdf [pdf] 104KB

PF_15_0642-Decision.pdf [pdf] 175KB

Tree Protection GC.pdf [pdf] 323KB

National Grid 16.10.14 GC.pdf [pdf] 1006KB

PCI - Fakenham, Greenway Close Oct17.pdf [pdf] 914KB

UKPN Plan 1 16.10.12 GC.pdf [pdf] 584KB

UKPN Plan 4 16.10.12 GC.pdf [pdf] 45KB

UKPN Plan 2 16.10.12 GC.pdf [pdf] 584KB

UKPN Plan 5 16.10.12 GC.pdf [pdf] 46KB

UKPN Plan 6 16.10.12 GC.pdf [pdf] 44KB

UKPN Plan 7 16.10.12 GC.pdf [pdf] 31KB

UKPN Plan 8 16.10.12 GC.pdf [pdf] 74KB

UKPN Plan 3 16.10.12 GC.pdf [pdf] 104KB

Addendum Nr 01

9530-2000 Site Boundary Plan Greenway Close.pdf [pdf] 147KB

9570-2000 Site Boundary Plan Lancaster Avenue.pdf [pdf] 151KB

9550-2000 Site Boundary Plan Lancaster Close.pdf [pdf] 245KB

10350-2000 Site Boundary Plan Jubilee Avenue.pdf [pdf] 158KB

Greenway Close - Drainage Survey.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Greenway Close - Architectural Designers Certification & Risk Assessment Log.pdf [pdf] 1019KB

Jubilee Avenue - Architectural Designers Certification & Risk Assessment Log.pdf [pdf] 980KB

Land off Lancaster Avenue - Architectural Designers Certification & Risk Assessment Log.pdf [pdf] 1018KB

Lancaster Close - Architectural Designers Certification Risk Assessment Log.pdf [pdf] 1019KB

Tender Addendum Nr.01 2017.10.17.pdf [pdf] 383KB

Addendum Nr 02

17-544-S1 Greenway Lane.pdf 2MB

Highways Plan - 1 Jubilee Avenue.pdf 365KB

Tender Addendum Nr.2 2017.11.13.pdf 384KB